KOO Edge MTB Goggles

By KOO Eyewear

$112.50 $150


Koo is the eyewear branch from protection giants Kask, a company which is extremely popular with road and gravel riders alike. The Edge goggles are Koo’s first venture into the gravity-focused rider market and, while it's totally different to anything it has produced before, it utilises the same proven cylindrical lens technology used throughout a chunk of its sunglasses range. Its foam-covered venting design causes some issues though and it’s hyper-expensive.

The Edge lens has been designed in partnership with optical experts ‘Zeiss’ to give maximum performance and clarity in a general mountain bike environment. The integrated lens features are said to boost visual clarity, enhance definition and colour in all weather conditions while remaining durable and scratch-resistant. The lens is fixed into the frame with a tabbed slot-in style design that means it’s easy to chop and change between the four different lens options Koo offers without too much faff or fingerprint contamination. All four 100% UV protected lens options are available aftermarket and offered in a variety of tint options, meaning there should be a shade to suit regardless of your condition requirements. We tested the clear lens version as it's best suited to winter riding conditions here in the UK.


  • Filter category - 2
  • VLT - 26.33%
  • Slot-In Changing Lens System
  • Ultimate Ventilation
  • Easily removable, interchangeable lenses
  • Designed to channel airflow with built-in frame ventilation ports for clear, fog-free vision
  • Removable Nose Guard
  • Silicone Strap
  • 2 Layer Foam
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Cylindric Lens by Zeiss

Developed in partnership with Zeiss Optics, KOO Edge MTB goggles feature the most durable, scratch-resistant materials and advanced colour technology to tune and enhance visual clarity in any weather condition. Optimised for the MTB habitat, lenses are easily removable and interchangeable so you can ensure the right lens for your conditions.

The KOO Edge has been designed with the rider experience at the forefront, with ventilation ports built into the frame to channel airflow where it’s needed most to ensure clear, fog-free visibility. The removable nose guard provides additional protection from trail debris and optimises the stability of the goggles on your face.