Anicorn M/M Paris "2" Collection Timepiece "2Busy" Watch

By Anicorn


M/M Paris x Anicorn "2" collection - Timepiece "2BUSY" (50pcs worldwide)

M/M (PARIS) very first timepiece, tagged with offbeat names – “2HAPPY”, “2LAZY” and “2BUSY” — the series indicates the time with a bespoke, extraordinary 3D dial in a playful, fashionable modular typography.

“2BUZY” is the platinum grade Sellita SW 200 Swiss movement timepiece with a mono-colored 3D dial in a plated platinum gold case, paired with black, grainy ostrich leather straps. It is an ultimate combination of humbleness and elegance. Limited edition of 50 worldwide.


  • Brand Anicorn
  • Timepiece "2Busy" Watch
  • M/M Paris "2" Collection
  • STRAP Premium grainy ostrich leather band and metal buckle
  • 3D Dial In A Plated Platinum Gold Case