Maison Pechavy Box of 40 Long Matches with 10 Artisan Candles Set

By Maison Pechavy

$36 $59.95

10 handcrafted candles in nude tones & a box of long nude matches. At Maison Pechavy, we love vibrant colors. What a joy to associate our boxes of long matches with a bundle of 10 candles in various colors. These fine and colorful candles were created specifically for Maison Pechavy. Unique colors that resonate with each of our sets of long matches. This combination consists of the Nude set of long matches and a collection of candles in three shades: linen, rose and celadon.


  • Made from natural poplar wood
  • A bundle of 10 candles: 3 linen, 3 rose and 4 celadon.
  • A box of 40 long original softness matches in untreated poplar
  • Arranged as you wish in small diverted glass jars
  • Scented candles
  • 1 cm in diameter at the base
  • Height: 30 cm
  • length: 22 cm