Serene House 100% Natural Essential Oil | 15ml

By Serene House


The warmest essential oil gift box for cold winters, with woody and citrus essential oils as the main notes, making the aroma rich and warm. When you are tired, take a rest, mend your fragile mind, and bid farewell to depression. Occasionally stay away from the disturbance of the outside world, create your own peaceful world, and enjoy your inner peace. To you who need encouragement, regain your confidence and fill your energy.


  • 100% natural essential oils imported from the United States.
  • Small gift box design, three essential oils are satisfied at once, the most fashionable and thoughtful gift.
  • No preservatives, no synthetic fragrances, no genetic modification.
  • Product use: For fragrance use only, not directly on the skin
  • Product capacity: 15ml x 3
  • Product Origin: United States
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