Baghera Kid's Ride On Rider Car | Gentleman

By Baghera


A real vintage car for children from 2 years old! With its 90 cm length and its big wheels, this car is for experienced drivers! Sturdy, silent and very manoeuvrable, this elegant top-of-the-range Rider Carrier is all metal with steering wheel and camel PU leather seat finishes. It will accompany children in their adventures from the age of 2. This carrier will also make a beautiful object of decoration or collection for enthusiasts. This green Gentleman carrier is equipped with a real functional steering system. Your child will quickly get used to his new car and the rubber tyres will help him to stay stable and move around the house in silence. With its shiny green, high-end bodywork and PU leather finishes, your little one will be able to put himself in the shoes of a real little driver and imagine some great stories.

A solid and durable toy! This Rider Gentleman Baghera car is made of metal. It is therefore very robust and will accompany the child in all his adventures as a young rider. Its large wheels are surmounted by rubber tires, which allows this quality green carrier to move silently on all types of terrain (house, asphalt, gravel, grass, …). Your child will be well protected and will be able to play safely in the car.

Develop your child's imagination! This Rider Gentleman Baghera carrier allows the child to find his marks quickly and move around with ease. The child will instinctively understand how to move forward and turn. As soon as the child is standing upright, he can use the walker safely. The ride-on is perfectly designed for the morphology of a child from the age of two.

An ideal birthday and decoration gift! With its green colour and high-end retro style, this Rider Baghera carrier is full of charm. Many elements give it a look apart, such as its decoration, its black PU leather steering wheel and seat and its green bodywork. Your child will not go unnoticed at the wheel of his new car! This fabulous toy can also be used as a decoration for his room for a unique style.


  • ÂGE: 2-4 ans.

  • WEIGHT: 8 kg.

  • GENRE: Unisexe.

  • LONGEUR: 90 cm.

  • WIDTH: 38 cm.

  • HEIGHT: 41 cm.


  • ASSEMBLY TIME: 20 min.


  • STICKERS: Stickers 1,2,3,4 are included.