Bookman Clip-on Reflectors | Black

By Bookman



Wearable magnetic reflectors are a convenient and effortless way to add reflection to any item of clothing or item. Strong magnetic ends provide a secure bond to whatever you're wearing. Whether cycling, running, walking the dog, or taking a midnight stroll, clip them on you or your bike to be seen in the dark, making your twilight journey that much safer.


  • Contents: 2 x magnetic Clip-on Reflectors.
  • Material: Neodym magnets
  • 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material

Simple magnetic fastening

1. Pull apart the tabs.
2. Place fabric or items in the middle.
3. Close tabs together.

We use super-strong neodymium magnets for secure attachments. The magnets are one-sided to make sure your reflector won't get stuck to other objects.