Danese Milano Otto, Goose 4 Color Silkscreen Art Prints | 56x112cm

By Danese


L’Oca is a four-colour silkscreen print and is part of the Nature Series (Serie della Natura). The print is part of a study to transform an image into a symbol through the systematic reduction and elimination of superfluous detail in order to reveal the true meaning of “nature” of a subject matter.
Combining four different color tones, this fine silkscreen print portraying the profile of a goose flaunts a design that priviliges contours over graphic details, as the other prints from the Serie della Natura Collection. This artistic process proceeds through subtraction, highlighting only the necessary details using different shades.


  • Model: Otto, L'Oca Art Print
  • Brand: Danese
  • Designer: Enzo Mari
  • Measures: 56x112 cm
  • Materials: silkscreen printing
  • Category: Art Prints