D.S. & DURGA Wild Brooklyn Lavender Hand Lotion | 400 mL



Elevate your hand care with D.S. & DURGA Wild Brooklyn Lavender hand lotion. Immerse in the vibrant spirit of early 2000s Brooklyn, where untamed possibilities roamed free. This luxurious lotion captures the essence of that era, infusing it with calming lavender and unique notes. With Spike Lavender, Wayside Herbs top notes, and Vetiver Grass, Lavender Flowers heart notes, it's an olfactory journey through the city's streets. The Suede and Asphalt base notes add an urban edge. Step into a time of boundless creativity with each use of this crafted-in-USA lotion.

EARLY 2000S ESSENCE: Experience the vibrant spirit of early 2000s Brooklyn with D.S. & DURGA Wild Brooklyn lavender hand lotion.

DISTINCTIVE AROMA: Immerse your senses in a unique blend of Spike Lavender, Wayside Herbs, Vetiver Grass, Lavender Flowers, Suede, and Asphalt notes.

SOOTHING HEART: Elevate your hand care routine with the calming embrace of Vetiver Grass and Lavender Flowers heart notes.


  • Captures the vibrant spirit of early 2000s Brooklyn.
  • Top Notes: Spike Lavender, Wayside Herbs
  • Heart Notes: Vetiver Grass, Lavender Flowers
  • Base Notes: Suede, Asphalt
  • Infuses an urban sophistication with Suede and Asphalt base notes.
  • Transports you to an era of limitless creativity and untamed potential.
  • Comes in a convenient 400 mL bottle for extended use.
  • Offers an olfactory exploration of Brooklyn's early streets.
  • Expertly formulated to embody the essence of an iconic era.
  • Designed for all genders to enjoy.
  • Enhances your skincare routine with moisturizing benefits.
  • Reflects the charm and urban elegance of early Brooklyn.
  • Crafted with pride in the United States.
  • Provides a comforting and aromatic hand care experience.
  • Leaves a lasting impression with its distinctive aroma.
  • Incorporates the nostalgia of early Brooklyn into your daily routine
  • invoking the spirit of untamed creativity with each use.