London Undercover Grey City Fleck Umbrella | Malacca Wood Handle & Beech Wood Shaft

By London Undercover


This Grey City Umbrella, with unique fleck coloring, is the ideal luxury umbrella. With a malacca wood handle and beech wood shaft that is the picture of refinement and craftsmanship, this umbrella also has a large frame and a button fastener to keep it secure. The simple yet elegant design and luxury build make this the perfect companion for a walk in the rain.

  • Malacca Wood Handle & Beech Wood Shaft.
  • 24" Frame [Opens to 42" / 106cm in Diameter]
  • Silver Tip Cup & Spokes.
  • Silver Ferrule.
  • 16mm Stick.
  • Navy Elastic Button Fastener.
  • Woven Cotton Fleck Fabric.
  • Model: LU FLK-002