Lorena Canals Rose Tea Woolable Rug

By Lorena Canals


Inspired by the exotic blend of Rose Tea, obtained through the mix of sun-dried tea leaves with petals from roses, this round light weight washable wool rug has been elaborated using the contrast of the cotton canvas base in Pearl Grey color, visible in between the lines of short pile wool in Misty Rose and Natural. Ready to fill a home decor corner with coziness and a touch of rose color tenderness.


  • Size: Ø160 cm
  • Composition: Pile - 100% Wool and Base - Recycled Cotton
  • Shape: Round
  • Washable Wool Rug: Easy to wash
  • Handmade: Carefully handmade one by one in a traditional way
  • Eco-friendly: Wool with nontoxic dyes
  • Easy to combine: You can combine it with other elements for achieving a warm and cozy atmosphere