Mojow Model MW 01 Armchair with Coloured Safety Glass 764 Sun

By Mojow


At the base of the simplest appearance, there is often the most complex reflection. The result is a perfect balance between glass walls and seating cylinders. These colored transparencies are tinged with vibrant hues that modulate light and space.


  • TPU cushions and 710mm mirror stainless steel tubes
  • Mirror stainless steel screws and washers
  • Accessories 12 mm safety glass with mirror stainless steel rod on the floor edge
  • Weight : 35.0 kgs
  • Maximum weight allowed : 150Kg
  • Height : 77
  • Length : 69
  • Depth : 86
  • Materials : TPU seat with UV protection and safety glass support
  • TPU : New material hyper resistant, recyclable and biodegradable, odorless and containing no chlorine