Moore & Giles Massie Tote| Seven Hills Umber

By Moore & Giles


Seven Hills: Massie Tote

The Massie pays homage to an elegantly worn, decades-old tote carried by Lynchburg artist McKinnon and Harris co-founder, Anne Massie. We've admired this multi-purpose carry-all for years and couldn't help but to showcase such a compelling example of classic style and relaxed sophistication.

On our version, large, unbroken panels of leather create a nearly bottomless bag though its simple straps and minimalist style keep things light and easy to carry. In the spirit of its predecessor, this is a bag that will only get more beautiful over time.

The Seven Hills Collection:

The story begins in Lynchburg, Virginia, known as the City of Seven Hills. Every hide in this collection was sourced from small farms that, like Moore & Giles, have called Virginia home for decades. Moore & Giles partnered with Seven Hills abattoir, a local processor that provides premium beef to restaurants throughout Virginia, to reimagine their byproduct as an unrealized asset. Originally destined for a landfill, the hides were instead transported to St. Louis, where they were transformed into the leather by Hermann Oak Leather in the same vats and vegetable tannage used to tan the harnesses supplied to westward-moving wagon trains starting in 1881.



  • 15.75"W x 14"H x 7.75"D
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs