Prologo Scratch M5 Pas Saddle | 140mm Hard Black

By Prologo


Thanks to the new design, the waist and the ergonomic "T SHAPE" SCRATCH M5 is suitable for men and women. The size is 250 x 140 mm and the weights vary depending on the model. The Nack version is only 155 g, while the Tirox version is 189g. The new MSS multisectoral system, designed in collaboration with the Milan Politecnico improves comfort and performance. Active foam, separated from each other, create 5 individual mapped zones, supporting normal pedal movement during pushing and pulling phases. The round shape of the SCRATCH M5 allows the pelvis to rotate naturally, creating stability and support for the lumbar areas; it also promotes pressure distribution over a larger area. Despite the absence of a real perineal channel, the SCRATCH M5 has an open base capable of eliminating pressure spikes in the pelvic genital area. The prostatic zone closure also provides better protection against extreme weather conditions (rain or mud).


  • Suitable for many uses and disciplines (Road / Off Road), including the Triathlon
  • Chromoly rails with circular profile measuring 7mm
  • Suitable for Man / Woman
  • New MSS- Multi Sector System
  • The PAS (Perineal Area System) is a channel designed to eliminate pressure peaks and numbness, improving blood flow.
  • Measures: 250x140mm
  • Saddle weight with Tirox rail: 185gr
  • Saddle weight with Nack: 132gr