Senz Mini Automatic Foldable Umbrella

By Senz


Senz Mini Automatic Foldable Umbrella

Just press the button once, and up your umbrella goes. Press the button again, and watch it fold back down. That’s how convenient the stylish senz mini automatic is.

This unmissable foldable umbrella is the perfect combination of style and innovation. Thanks to its aerodynamic shape, this compact, wind-resistant umbrella can cope with wind speeds of up to 100 km/hr. The innovative mechanism opens and closes the umbrella with one touch of the button. Our premium, tightly-woven fabric not only protects you from the rain, but also offers a protection factor of UPF50+. This means that more than 98% of the UV rays are blocked.


  • Windproof up to - 80km/h
  • Aerodynamic

  • Eyesavers

  • Auto open/close

  • Fast dry fabric

  • 91cm W x 91cm D