Throwin' it Way Back

There's no doubt that, even in 2016, we yearn for the 90s. From the music, the TV shows, the slang, take us back! As for the style, though...let's say we all have photos we'd rather keep hidden. Stick with us, guys.  We'll help keep us all from being, well, totally clueless...just like Cher Horowitz's virtual closet!
Bold colors, magic, awesome sauce: all the ingredients you need for an awesome product that beckons back to the golden days. Mokuyobi means "Thursday" in Japanese, but this gear is rad enough to take you through all seven days. The superheroes behind Mokuyobi believe that you can spice up your life by generating exciting products that you look forward to receiving and rocking out in the wild. These packs (back and fanny form) are functional for any event - from school to chasing waterfalls.

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