Worldly Works of Art

Lexdray pieces are more than just a bag. Rather, they're thoughtfully constructed works of art with a quality intended to take you through any journey, whether it's in the great outdoors or through the concrete jungle. But what really sets Lexdray apart from any other brand?

The brand's designer, Alex, has logged in quite a few frequent flier miles in his time. Using his worldly experience, he has narrowed down the little nuances that make a world of difference when you're rushing from airport to train to bus to boat—or whichever mode of transportation you need to conquer your next adventure.

Like any artist, one's work is never complete. The craft is always refined, improved, expanded upon. Alex is constantly studying bags and taking notes on everything he would like in a sweet and modern bag...all so he could pay it forward and pass that along to you. 

Lexdray took root in NYC in 2009, but they've recently moved brand headquarters to the Bay Area (hello, neighbors!). This lifestyle and travel accessories brand incorporates smart design concepts and high quality materials. Lexdray pieces are produced in limited-edition runs, decreasing your chances of running into someone rocking the same gear as you. 

The brand's newest addition introduces an exclusive fabric featuring a subtle diamond-shaped pattern. Introducing: the Symmetry Collection. Check out all the craftsmanship that goes into the Lexdray Boulder Pack in this video.

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