Innovative Style | Meet the Closca Collapsible Helmet

Here at Sportique we love finding gear that blends style and functionality and the Closca Collapsible Helmet fits the bill!  Closca is a brand that focuses on design, simplicity, and innovation.  These three aspects inspire all of their products and help create pieces that are timeless while still integrating exciting new technology.  The Closca Collapsible Helmet is a perfect example of the brand’s creative style.  Let me say, being safe never looked better on you!  This sleek helmet will perfectly match your urban aesthetic as you’re biking to work or enjoying a weekend ride.  Also including children’s sizes, the Closca helmet will be loved by your whole family!

 Of course, there’s more to this helmet than just its good looks.  The Closca Helmet is portable, made to withstand harsh biking conditions, and doesn’t substitute style for safety.  When folded the helmet lays flat and reduces its volume by 50%.  It also includes air vents to keep you cool and a visor to protect you from the sun.  Finally, the coolest feature of this helmet?  You can connect to near-field communication (NFC) and call an emergency number with just the tap of your phone.  Biking is a wonderful and Eco-friendly way to get around the city, and Closca has designed a helmet to make it a little easier, more enjoyable, and safer!


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