Meet: Reed Wilson Design

Reed Wilson uses his experience in design and art to spice up your home. His clever, but simple, products will get you thinking and giggling simultaneously. Who thought door mats, coasters, and clocks could be fun?

For those who like a good laugh, but like keeping their spaces clean with minimal design, Reed Wilson Design brings you the best of both worlds. These cheeky doormats will make your guests laugh...and the 'The Neighbors Have Better Stuff' doormat is sure to keep 
the burglars away.

Reed Wilson Design Coasters on Sportique

If burglars are low on your radar, you can rep hometown pride with coasters shaped like states from each region, making them a great addition for your getaway spot or beach house.

RWD's artistic touch makes us fall in love with each and every one of his unique designs. After all, we need coasters and mats to keep our houses clean, so why not make them unique and fun? Giving your living space a touch of humor will make any day that much better.

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