The 10 Best Minimalist Wallets

In our busy everyday lives, the one thing we can count on carrying with us regardless is our pocket-sized carry, the wallet. Specifically, one that has the capacity to carry cash, cards, and personal information with the durability to withstand anything that comes our way. 

Sleek designs and minimalist features cater to the modern individual who is drawn to functionality and style. Your pocket space is limited, so it is important that you carry a wallet that holds everything you need while keeing you organized. The goal here is to minimize clutter and eliminate the inconveniences that come with a traditional wallet.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of our 10 favorite minimalist wallets. From small-form alternatives, to dual function phone cases, to classic bi-fold leather wallets, rid yourself of the excess and discover convenience on a whole new level. Scroll to find the wallet that best meets your everyday carry needs.


Walter Wallet Original Cardholder Wallet in True Blue

Original Cardholder Wallet from Walter Wallet


Walter Wallet: Original Cardholder Wallet in True Blue

The Walter Wallet's thin and lightweight design proves to be a highly functional option for anyone looking to keep it simple. Besides being completely recyclable, this minimalist wallet has the capacity to carry up to seven cards at a time. The Original Cardholder features a patented stack and slide system for easy card access and includes a “quick draw” function for your most frequently used cards. The durable plastic exterior is proven to protect your cards from getting bent or damaged, letting you carry with confidence wherever you end up.



Kiko Leather Combo Card Case in Black

Leather Combo Case Card from Kiko


Kiko: Leather Combo Card Case in Black

You can’t deny that less is more with the Kiko Leather Combo Card Case, where style and functionality meet affordability. With two slots for cards or folded cash, this wallet will fit comfortably in your front pocket or back pocket. For unique style, this slim wallet combines premium vegetable tanned leather and wool felt to create an unlined natural look.



Distil Union Wally iPhone 7/8 Plus Case

Wally iPhone 7/8 Plus Case from Distil Union


Distil Union: Wally iPhone 7/8 Plus Case in Gray

Nothing says minimalism more than a protective phone case that doubles as a wallet. Meet Distil Union’s Wally Case for the iPhone. This case has perfected an innovative design, making card and cash carry easier than ever using Wally Pull-Tab technology. Additionally, the TPU shock-absorbing exterior is built to protect your phone from stress. Not only will the Wally Case minimize the amount of bulk in your pockets or space in your bag, all your valuables will be kept in one convenient place.

SHOP NOW: $39.99


Thin King Credit Card Case in Silver

Credit Card Case from Thin King


Thin King: Credit Card Case in Silver

As the ultimate daily card holder, the durability and functionality of Thin King's Metal Card Case is unparalleled. Made from anodized aluminum, this slim card carrier will last for years to come. Plus, it features RFID blocking technology, which protects against those trying to steal your personal information. The sleek design lays flat in any pant pocket and can carry up to six cards securely. If you dislike carrying cash and want more space within your pockets, Thin King has the perfect cardholder for you.



Nomad Folio Case for iPhone 7/8 in Horween Brown Leather

Nomad Folio Case from Nomad


Nomad: Folio Case for the iPhone 7/8 in Horween Brown Leather

The rustic, classic aesthetic of Nomad’s iPhone Folio Case makes it a must-have to suit your everyday organizational needs and timeless style. With a built-in cash sleeve and the ability to hold a variety of cards using three credit card slots, easily accessible storage and organization becomes simpler than ever before. Nomad turned to one of the oldest and most renowned tanneries in the United States, the Horween Leather Co. in Chicago, for their prestigious, elegant vegetable tanned leather to craft this dual function phone case. This high-quality leather develops a unique patina over time, darkening and growing richer so that you'll have a unique case that is both classy and wholly distinct.

SHOP NOW: $49.95


Dun Wallets Original Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

Original Leather Bi-Fold Wallet from DUN Wallets


DUN Wallets: Original Leather Bi-Fold Wallet in Brown/Silver

The Original Leather Bi-Fold Wallet from DUN Wallets may be the thinnest wallet we’ve seen yet. Featuring a minimalistic Dutch design that is both functional and fashionable, this super thin brown leather bi-fold is handmade in Europe from high-quality leather and a stainless-steel metal clip. The thin design is perfect for fitting your wallet comfortably in any pocket while still holding everything you need.



The Horse Folder Bi-Fold Wallet in Tan

Folder Bi-Fold Wallet from The Horse


The Horse: Folder Bi-Fold Wallet in Tan

If you prefer a minimalist wallet with a traditional design, the Folder Bi-Fold Wallet from The Horse is undeniably in line with classic taste. Designed with a timeless bi-fold wallet design, there are six card slots and a full width note pocket to optimize organization. This EDC wallet is crafted from premium top grain cowhide leather to create an understated, yet elegant look.



Secrid Mini Wallet Vintage in Black

Vintage Mini Wallet from Secrid


Secrid: Mini Wallet in Vintage Black

Secrid is a game-changer with the Mini Wallet. Designed and made in Holland, this unconventional wallet holds four to six cards and has additional interior space for at least four extra cards, business cards, cash, and coins. To make the experience even simpler, a press stud closure keeps everything in for secure carry in any bag or pocket. The Secrid Wallet boasts a solid aluminum build to make it strong and easy to carry. Also, the full grain European leather exterior gives this pocket-sized companion its natural vintage coloring.

SHOP NOW: $89.95


Tailfeather Finch Bifold Wallet in Black

Finch Bifold Wallet from Tailfeather


Tailfeather: Finch Bifold Wallet in Black

Embodying luxury and refinement, the Tailfeather Finch Bifold Wallet is classic, long-lasting, and simple. It is hand crafted in Australia from Kangaroo Leather, a strong, lightweight leather featuring natural scarring incurred during the animals life in the wild. The high-quality leather wallet has four card pockets, holding up to 12 cards, and a larger cash pocket. Perfect for everyday use, the Finch Wallet is a splurge that is totally worth it.

SHOP NOW: $114


Ezra Arthur No. 8 Wallet in Whiskey

No. 8 Wallet from Ezra Arthur


Ezra Arthur: No. 8 Wallet in Whiskey

Ezra Arthur is the only destination for specialty handcrafted lifestyle products made in the United States with tested American-sourced materials and exceptional care. The No. 8 Wallet in Whiskey features the signature Ezra vegetable-tanned leather and a distinctive interlocking pocket design which allows you to carry a variety of cash and cards while staying organized. The classic style and traditional craftsmanship makes this a go-to for style and strength. 

SHOP NOW: $175


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