Crash Baggage Maxi Icon Handbag

By Crash Baggage



One guy rocked up to the office wearing a sombrero, another wearing a kilt and another wearing Bedouin robes. A coworker, scolding us, yelled “Enough! Every Saturday you go out for a beer and you wake up on Sunday on the other side of the world. At least bring a bag with you for a change of clothes!” We looked at him, stunned, because he’d just given us a brilliant idea: the Maxi Icon. Matching the iconic Crash Baggage cases, there is now the new hard case in a used look with shoulder strap that can be used as a pochette, case or walking bag for any occasion.The interior scores with a small pocket for coins, keys or other items.

  • Fall protection
  • Shoulder strap
  • Practical 2-way zip
  • Length up to 120 cm
  • Removable wrist loop
  • Wide opening main compartment
  • Matt surface with a trendy used look
  • Flexible mesh compartment for small items inside

    Adventure, freedom, action - you can finally concentrate on the essentials while traveling instead of worrying about your suitcase!"Handle without care!" is the philosophy of the trendy fashion brand Crash Baggage. The trendsetters from Italy don't give a damn about the fear of dents and scratches in the new suitcase and simply design their trolleys and bags in a cool used look right from the start!So new bumps are no longer a cause for trouble, but give each piece of luggage a very unique, personal touch.