Izipizi Rx Reader Sunglasses C-Frame | Tortoise

By Izipizi


Reading by the coast, pool, lake or anywhere outside is a beloved warm-weather activity, however one major obstacle might interfere. The glare of the sun! It does not get any worse when you are reading and the bright reflection of the sun is bouncing off a page or screen. Sunglasses can fix this, but what if you need reading glasses as well? Look no further than Izipizi Sunglass Readers. With a scope from +0 - +3 in diopter, these are sunglasses with your reading prescription crafted in. The Tortoise C-Frame is comfortable and will create a great fit across your face. These sunglasses are light-weight and stylish, plus they provide 100% percent UV protection!

  • Shape #C: stylish, bold, square
  • 100% UV protection
  • Category 3
  • Unisex, universal model
  • Models: IZ-SLMSCC02-00, IZ-SLMSCC02-10, IZ-SLMSCC02-15, IZ-SLMSCC02-20, IZ-SLMSCC02-25, IZ-SLMSCC02-30