Anecdote Candles Glass Jar Candle | Coffee Table Book 7.8 oz

By Anecdote Candles


Coffee Table Book

All of our candles are hand-poured with natural ingredients with no additives, dyes, or preservatives. Our coconut-soy wax blend, cotton core wicks, and premium phthalate-free fragrance oils create a clean burn and powerful scent throw.

Travel tin (3.4 oz)
Burns for 25 - 35 hours. Measures 2.25” in diameter and 1.75” in height. Perfect for traveling or testing in smaller spaces like bathrooms.

Standard jar (7.8 oz)
Burns for 40 - 50 hours. Measures 2.6” in diameter and 3.75” in height.

Gold Holiday Tumbler (9 oz) Burns up to 70 hours. Measures 3" in diameter and 3.75" in height. Each tumbler comes packaged in a gold foil box. *Holiday collection only.


Brand: Anecdote Candles
Scent: Oud
Color: Vinyl Records
Material: Wax
Occasion: Home
Size: 7.8 Oz
Item Weight: 7.8 Ounces