Anicorn M/M Paris "2" Collection “2Gether” Ping Pong Set | Red & Black

By Anicorn


M/M Paris x Anicorn "2" collection - “2Gether” Ping Pong Set

Always takes “2” to play. “2Gether” handcrafted Ping Pong Set mirrors the vibes and dynamics between the creative duo – colliding ideas, dancing like rhythm, and the shine, heat, and energy emitted throughout the partnership.

“2Gether” includes:

A pair of ping pong rackets, one in red and one in black, with concentric, clock-like graphics on the surface.
10 very unusual ping pong balls numbered from 1 to 0 with M/M (PARIS) modular typography.
Paddles are made of quality beech veneer, and birch plywood and handcrafted by Screw Up Studio. The package of the Ping Pong Set is wrapped by the quote “There is a time to fish and a time to dry the nets” from the book title written by Alvin Johnston.


  • Brand Anicorn
  • M/M Paris "2" Collection
  • Fully Handcrafted By Screw Up Studio
  • 2Gether Ping Pong Set
  • Color Red & Black