Anicorn TTT #2 New York Order Watch

By Anicorn


Anicorn is thrilled to introduce The Trio of Time (TTT) second collaboration—"Order"—a timepiece inspired by New York City.

Creating Order

For the Order watch, Anicorn partnered with graphic designers Hamish Smyth and Jesse Reed from their design office of the same name, Order Hamish and Jesse met while working at Pentagram under Michael Bierut, where they launched many well-known design projects, such as the Mastercard rebrand and the Hillary for America presidential logo. While at Pentagram, they started their independent publishing imprint Standards Manual, beginning with the reissue of the NYCTA Graphics Standards Manual (launched on Kickstarter!).

Over the next couple years, they also reissued the NASA and EPA Graphics Standards Manuals on Kickstarter—raising over $2 million combined—along with self-publishing four other titles. Following their departure from Pentagram, the duo opened the only bookstore in New York specializing in graphic design. It sits right in front of their design office, Order. Hamish and Jesse’s work with the NYCTA Graphics Standards Manual inspired their design for the watch, where they focused on representing time in a simple, graphic form. As the face rotates, the perforated dots reveal the hour indicated by an alignment with the frame. The wearer is then able to conceive time as a series of ordered dots that multiply as the day progresses, allowing for a new perception of time.


  • Order has no watch hands. Instead, the entire watchface is perforated with an ascending number of dots, which rotate to align with the frame and tell the time in 15 minute intervals.
  • The designers hope to inspire the wearer to not worry so much about the exact time; instead, to focus on the world around them.

    Smart docking system

  • Straps are available in white or black leather. Order comes with an interchangeable strap system that secures straps with a simple pull and click within seconds. You can find out more about Anicorn straps from their Hidden Time campaign.
  • The 40mm case is designed for both men and women.
  • Order runs on a Ronda 512 Swiss Parts Movement.
  • The watch has a 316L stainless-steel enclosed casing, available in black or silver.
  • The casing is ultra thin—only 8.7mm.
  • All straps are interchangeable with TTT#1—Hidden Time Watch—thanks to the smart docking system.