Another Country Stoneware Platter | Terracotta

By Another Country


Another Country's Stoneware Plater will be front and center as the life of the party. The Terracotta Stoneware Platter is handmade that employs different clay bodies with different properties for each vessel and use. The clay shapes are pressed and then fettled, dipped in glaze, fired and polished creating a beautiful scorched color. Design to last, Another Country created a timeless piece that will be use for a lifetime in your home.
  • Easy to clean stoneware, dishwasher safe. It is very important to care for your stoneware in the proper manner. Stoneware, which is made of natural clay that has been kiln fired at more than 1240 degrees, needs special care and cleaning to maintain. Stoneware is safe to use in an oven, convection oven, microwave or freezer.
  • Stoneware unglazed bottom, 13.4"
  • Model: ac-T072-08-14