Benson Black Series 2020 Limited Edition Watch Winder | Six

By Benson


The new Benson Black Series represents the most luxurious line of watch winders Benson offers. This product combines the newest in-watch winder technology with a stylish design and the highest quality finish. With extra storage for other watches, LED lighting, a soft-close cover, and an innovative touch screen.

Benson’s lacquered finish ensures a beautiful, rich color no matter which watch winder catches your fancy. The combination of technology, high-quality materials, excellent functionality makes this Benson watch winder one of the best watch winders in the world.


  • Energy efficient: Yes
  • Individually programmable rotors: Yes
  • LED lightning: Yes
  • Noiseless: Yes
  • Overwind protection: Yes
  • Power winding: Yes
  • Touchscreen display: Yes
  • Weight: 9500 grams
  • Height: 34 cm
  • Width: 24 cm
  • Length : 36 cm
  • Storage for: 4 watches
  • Glass material: Mineral glass
  • Watch Winder material: Wood
  • Adjustable Turns Per Day: Yes
  • Power supply: Adapter (line current)
  • Program: 3 programs (CW, CC, Alt)
  • Watch Winder color: Walnut
  • Motor type: Japanese
  • Suitable for: 6 watches