Abbott Voyageurs Perfume

By Abbott


Abbott presents a unique Voyageurs Perfume that provides a delightfully calming and relaxing of your mind. Made from Cruelty-free, Paraben-free, and 100% vegan skin-friendly ingredients. A fresh and green clean perfume, inspired by the waters, grasses, and wildflowers of northern Minnesota's Voyageurs National Park. This refreshing natural scent, with its charming notes of violet and amber musk, will transport you to a day spent on the lake at the beginning of spring. It gives different notes and improves your mood instantly. This will be a perfect gift for your friends, family, or loved ones.

SKIN-FRIENDLY INGREDIENTS: Our addictive and compelling perfume is made with No Parabens, No Phthalates, No Sulfates, No Known Carcinogens, and Hypoallergenic ingredients that all are non-toxic and safe for the body.

CALMING AND RELAXING SCENT: The top note of the perfume are ozone. Mid notes are violet, and dry notes are amber musk which will be calming your mood and will relax your feelings.

THE PERFECT GIFT: The Eau de parfum will be a perfect gift idea for you. You can gift it to your friends, family, or loved ones. The beautiful packaging will leave a lasting impression and provide an unforgettable experience.


  • Delightfully calm and relax your mind
  • Made from Cruelty-free, Paraben-free, and 100% vegan ingredients
  • Addictive, compelling, and bold scent
  • Top note ozone
  • Mid note violet
  • Base note amber musk
  • Improve your feelings instantly
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Weight is 10ml and 50ml
  • It is recommended for daily use
  • Your body heat will help to diffuse the fragrance as the day goes on
  • Comes with a reusable bottle
  • Perfect gift for your friends, family, and loved ones