Juniper Ridge Beard and Face Oil | Desert

By Juniper Ridge



Juniper Ridge makes sure you have everything you need when you're out about in Nature. Made with organic jojoba oil, this moisturizer is infused with fragrance for a rugged yet complex scent. The Desert aroma has notes of resinous, earthy Desert Chaparral flowers, peppery black bush and resinous desert cedar leaf. The Mojave Desert of Southern California is jam packed into this little bottle, just for you.

  • Region: Desert
  • Harvest: 3123-2
  • Scent Notes: Complex, resinous, Earthy Desert Chaparral flowers after a late winter rain, leathery Piñon needle and pitch, resinous desert cedar leaf, peppery black bush, hot granite stone midday in the desert sun.
  • Ingredients: Organic jojoba oil, desert chaparral, wildflower infusion, sweet pine tincture
  • Size: 1 oz
  • Model: BE312