Juniper Ridge Organic Trail Soap | Cascade Glacier

By Juniper Ridge



The Juniper Ridge Organic Trail Soap offers organic natural oils and gentle cleansers in a convenient liquid form for outdoor enthusiasts. The Cascade Glacier Trail Soap is especially for those who appreciate the cool scent of glacial waters and fresh balsam forests. Tough enough to wash away the grime, without irritating sensitive skin and gentle enough for the whole family, Juniper Ridge Organic Trail Soap is a must-have for any rucksack.

Wilderness Perfume techniques and materials unique to harvest 1104-6: the steam distillation of twelve conifers, spruce pitch blister harvest and direct extraction.

  • Application: The world’s premier wildcrafted liquid soap, good for your whole person. Draw a leaf on your hand in the shower and experience the alpine wind, the fresh snow melt and the mid-summer sun of this beautiful high country. 
  • Ingredients: Saponified organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils; 100% natural fragrance - tree pitch, plant sap / juice, and steam-distilled essential oils.
  • Petrochemical-free
  • Size: 8 oz