Craighill Wavelinks Brain Teaser Puzzle, Donuts Shape Stainless Steel Mind Game Puzzle, Perfect Gifts for Adults and Childs

By Craighill


Craighill presents a unique wave links puzzle that is elegant, challenging, and deeply satisfying. The wave links puzzle is composed of four identical pieces of stainless steel that come together in one surprising motion. It’s the perfect balance of art and ingenious engineering. Four heavy steel pieces interlock to create a modern masterpiece of mechanical puzzles. We are so excited to be collaborating with our friends on this new complex creation.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Our wave links puzzle is made from high-quality stainless steel that is too strong. It is also finished with a durable PVD coating.

DIFFERENT COLORS AVAILABLE: The heavyweight puzzle is available in two different finishes, stainless steel with vapor black or iridescent. The contrast of the reflective steel and matte black emphasizes the beauty of the wave link seam and enables two different assembly configurations.

PERFECT FOR GIFT: This wave link puzzle will be a perfect gift for your friends or family. You can blow their minds, help them through moments of frustration, and guide them into the inner sanctum of mastery and knowledge.


  • Innovative and complex engineering and motion
  • Made with stainless steel
  • Eye-catching design
  • 4 pieces, 2 stainless steel pieces, and 2 PVD pieces
  • Dimensions is 3" (H) x 2.25" (D) x 2.25" (W)
  • Weight is 1LB, 3Oz assembled
  • Stainless steel/vapor black and iridescent color available
  • Composed of four identically shaped pieces of stainless steel
  • Elegant, challenging, and deeply satisfying
  • The wave links puzzle's components fit together to form two interlocking tori