Resource Decor Sting Bar Cabinet | Tabu

By Resource Decor


The Sting Bar Cabinet epitomizes designer Kelly Hoppen's timeless aesthetic. Mirrored brass inlaid door hands and accents deliver a sense of refinement and luxury, while strong clean leans and neutral taupe color combine to yield an eye-catching form. Inside, a mirrored shelf and LED lighting system illuminate modern utilities such as suspended wine glass holders, a wine rack, and storage drawer.

Designer: Kelly Hoppen

Product Dimensions:
  • Inches: 36x22x78
  • Centimeters: 91.4x56x198.1


  • EU Beech
  • US Poplar
  • MDF
  • VN Tram
  • Mirror
  • Stainless Steel


  • Tabu Birdseye Grey
  • Mirrored Brass

Model: 1404018