Pillbox Bat Co. Classic Paint Baseball Bat | Rose are Red

By Pillbox Bat Co.


Commemorate Your Love For The Game

The donning of ones cap to convey appreciation to fans for cheering on ballplayer is an age old tradition. The player will duck their head out of the dugout & raise their cap to adoring fans usually after thunderous applause brings them out. An older tradition at times saw ladies throwing flowers onto field as well.

Classic Paint Baseball Bats

Commemorate your love of the game with a Pillbox Art Bat. Each bat is crafted at our shop in Winona, Minnesota. While we only use high quality hand-split wood for our art bats. They will surely intimidate any opponent and make a great addition to your baseball memorabilia collection.


  • Bat Length: 34"
  • Vintage Styles: Ash
  • Finish: Clear Coat
  • Crafted in the Pillbox Shop - Winona, MN USA