Pillbox Bat Co. Classic Paint Baseball Bat | The General

By Pillbox Bat Co.


Commemorate Your Love For The Game

Abner Doubleday was a career Army officer and a General during the Civil War. He is widely considered the inventor of the game of baseball. This is most likely a myth, as many baseball yarns are, never-the-less he is woven into the fabric of the baseball story.

Classic Paint Baseball Bat

The bat design is modeled after the Civil War era insignia for the rank of Major General. Commemorate your love of the game with a Pillbox Art Bat. Each bat is crafted at our shop in Winona, Minnesota. While we only use high quality hand-split wood for our art bats, they are un-weighed and untested for game use.


  • Bat Length: 34"
  • Vintage Styles: Ash
  • Weight: Unweighed
  • Finish: Clear Coat
  • Crafted in the Pillbox Shop - Winona, MN USA