Danese Milano La Pantera Print

By Danese


La Pantera is a four-colour silkscreen print and is part of the Nature Series (Serie della Natura). The print is part of a study to transform an image into a symbol through the systematic reduction and elimination of superfluous detail in order to reveal the true meaning of “nature” of a subject matter.
In sleek and seductive lines, lauded Italian modernist Enzo Mari creates a bold and graphic interpretation of "La Pantera," the panther. Part of the Nature Series, "La Pantera" (1965) is silkscreened and unframed. Each poster comes with two PVC bars for wall-mounting. Printed in Italy.


  • Model: Quattro, La Pantera Art Print
  • Brand: Danese
  • Designer: Enzo Mari
  • Measures: 56x112 cm
  • Materials: silkscreen printing
  • Category: Art Prints