JIA Inc Ding Ceramic Fireproof Casserole Dish | White

By Jia Inc


The Ding Ceramic Fireproof White Casserole Dish is inspired by the oldest cookware in Chinese culture. JIA Inc created this dish modeled after the ancient bronze Ding. Combining the classic shape of the dish with practical features, this is the perfect dish for modern cooking. There are silicone pads on the legs to prevent the dish from scratching the table. Fireproof ceramic is more stable and less susceptible toward changes of temperature, making it less likely to crack or break during cooking. So this dish can be used with a gas stove, oven and microwave. Perfect for cooking soups, roasts and rice dishes!
  • Materials: Fireproof Ceramic, Silicone, Porcelain
  • Suitable for direct fire cooking, oven and microwave.
  • Model: JDG120