L:A Bruket No. 167 Broccoli Seed Face Serum | 50ml

By L:A Bruket


Broccoli is known for its many benefits, L:A Burket takes this superfood and uses the same benefits on your skin with the Broccoli Seed Face Serum! Containing natural Omega 9 and Omega 6 for a greaseless hydration the will stimulate new cell production and make you glow. By nourishing deep in the skin and a natural protective barrier against UV light rays. This face serum is perfect for any skin type.
  • INGREDIENTS: Brassica campestris seed oil, Carthamus tinctorius seed oil, Helianthus annuus seed oil, Simmondsia chinensis seed oil, Brassica olkeraca italica seed oil, Tocopherol, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract, Limonene
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