Marset FollowMe Plus Table Lamp | White/Oak

By Marset


You can use the Marset FollowMe Plus White/Oak Table Lamp wherever you go. Use it in your home or take it with you when you go camping, the options are endless! Just charge it up to and you're good to go. This lamp is perfect for occasions both indoors and outdoors: the swinging lampshade is crafted from white polycarbonate for a soft, warm glow of light that is both functional and inviting, and the oak veneer handle makes it very transportable.  The light boasts LED technology and dimming capabilities, as well as a built-in battery and USB port for charging. 
  • Battery: 5 hours in peak power, 10 hours in half power, 20 hours in a quarter power
  • Height 44.3 cm, base diameter 18.5 cm
  • LED 3.2W, 2700K, 240 lm (included).
  • Rocking opal diffuser and white matte polycarbonate body
  • Plywood handle with natural oak veneer, brass switch and construction details
  • Model: A657-011