Lohn Essential Oil Blend - 15ml



Lohn presents a unique NORD Essential Oil Blend that calms and relaxes your mind while leaving your home feeling refreshed for a long time. This scent comes with a crisp, woodsy blend combining the resiny depth of balsam fir with earthy notes of cedar. The black spruce energizes, while pine and fennel add refreshing clarity. A blend of balsam fir, black spruce, cedar leaf, fennel, and pine needle essential oils. The scent comes in a 15 ml pack and the weight is 0.5 dl oz. It is the ideal small backup to a greater diffuser and assists with bringing an unobtrusive scent through each room.

FORAGE BLENDS: Our Forage blends are made with essential oils and recyclable packaging. Every blend is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and made in Toronto.

LONG-LASTING ELEGANCE: This richly scented fragrance lasts a long time and refreshes your room or home environment relaxing. It releases an evocative fragrance in the air for months.

USE INSTRUCTION: Use this scent 5-10 drops on your favorite essential oil blend to the pebble and place it by your bed, at your desk, or where you need it most.


  • Calms and relaxes your mind
  • Feel refreshed for a long time
  • Every blend is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free
  • 15 ml | 0.5 fl oz
  • Different flavors available:
    NORD | Black Spruce & Pine
    SUR | Cedarwood & Ylang Ylang
    ESTE | Lavendar & Patchouli
    OEST | Black Pepper & Rosemary
  • Add 5-15 drops to your diffuser when you need some fresh air
  • Made in Toronto