Lyon Beton Curb Coffee Table

By Lyon Beton



The inspiration for our curb coffee table comes from the urban environment: from the street, the concrete and all the poetry you find there if you just look from a different angle. The same goes for this concrete table. At first glance, it’s Brutalist. But take a look around and the details start to emerge. Several styles and time periods converge. The table’s overall shape is inspired by Modernism. The decorative bas-relief frieze picks up on the designs of the Bauhaus school. The glass-topped recess is a nod to the 1970s. Each of these elements plays with light and shadow in its own way. You’ll never get tired of looking at this table.

  • Product colors:concrete: light grey metal: black
  • Designer: Bertrand Jayr
  • Weight: 50,3 kg
  • Measurement: 125 x 56,25 x 37,5 cm
  • Finishing: Concrete, Natural Look, Aluminum Part, Satined Powder Coated
  • Care Instructions: Do Not Use Abrasive Materials or Solvents on Surface. Apply Protective Wax or Oil Regularly.

    Outdoor / Indoor suitability

    Suitable for interior use only. Any pores, micro-cracks, and variations in color are due to the material's inherent and charming nature.