Lyon Béton Strut - Pill Coffee Table

By Lyon Béton


Strut Pill Coffee Table

Lyon Beton and designer Bertrand Jayr have teamed up once more to bring you this sensuous multi-use table. A hybrid of a coffee table and a gueridon Strut features a two-tiered two-medium tabletop that invites you to arrange your decorative items and other objets d’art like actors in a miniature theater. The pedestal’s fluting brings added texture to the concrete. Let it catch the light and cast shadows. Run your hand along the pedestal’s curved sides and you’ll hear it purr beneath your fingers. This version which features an oblong tabletop creates a playful sense of disequilibrium offset by the sturdy concrete pedestal. The glass tabletop is reversible the better to adapt to your living room. Concrete products can be used in an outdoor environment up to a maximum heat of 50°C - 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Any pores micro-cracks and variations in color are due to the material's inherent and charming nature. During the off-season please cover your Lyon Beton furniture piece(s) with a protective cover of 100 % polyester coated with water-repellent: a waterproof breathable UV-resistant or place them in a dry location. You will find this type of cover in all DIY stores. You can also store them in a dry place.


Product Colors concrete base:
light grey
Product Colors glass top: dark smoked grey
finishing concrete base: natural concrete look
finishing glass: tempered glass
weight: 54 kg
Measurement: 120 x 60 x 45 cm
Designer: Bertrand Jayr
Technical description: Fiberglass reinforced concrete base
Tempered glass

Suitable for exterior use under covered areas away from direct rainfall and sun.
care instructions: do not use abrasive materials or solvents on the surface. Apply protective wax or oil regularly."