Marset Copernica P190 LED Floor Lamp

By Marset


Stylish simplicity allows the Copernica P190 LED Floor Lamp by Marset to brighten a room without announcing its presence. A thin frame of balanced Steel and Aluminum stands tall, holding a slight Aluminum shade which directs the LED light. Understated in size but bold in style, the P190 casts purposeful general lighting over walls and ceilings. With a minimalist build and impressive technical design, the lamp can improve the looks of any modern hallway, bedroom, kitchen or dining room.

  • Material: Aluminum and Steel frame
  • Designer: Ramírez i Carrillo
  • Colour Temperature: 2700K CRI90
  • LED Type: LED SMD 30.5W 700mA
  • Light Source: 3380lm
  • Luminaire 2302lm
  • Built-in switch
  • Base and counterweight in lacquered steel
  • Black electrical cord
  • 3-Position dimmer switch
  • Needs Assembly: True