Marset Ledtube Round Wall Lamp

By Marset

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From Marset and designed by Daniel Lopez, the Ledtube Round Wall Light is a positionable wall lamp that incorporates energy efficient LED technology and a 24-degree lens that directs a sharp beam of light. This fixture features an adjustable head and a honeycomb grill in the lens to trap peripheral light and avoid glare. Its modern design combines simple shapes made of injected aluminum and a frontal part made of transparent polycarbonate. Ledtube's automatic on/off technology makes it easy to use: pull the lamp out of the base element to turn it on and slide it back into place to turn it off.

  • Material: Cylindrical Injected Aluminum
  • Designer: Daniel Lopez
  • Colour Temperature: 2700K
  • Luminarie: 132lm
  • Light Source: 150lm
  • Regulations UL
  • Needs Assembly: True