Marset Nenufar Canopy Lamp

By Marset

Lamp Type:

Nenufar by designer Joan Gaspar takes its name from the delicate water lily, with an arrangement that recalls its distinctive clusters. But the pendant's grouping of lights from Barcelona's Marset floats on air. Nenúfar is a sequenced display of disk-like pendants connected by the same stem, but separated from each other so that each beam of light is direct and unbroken by the others. A marvel of LED technology, the result is a strongly uniform and soul-warming light. In black or white with a polished chrome stem, the units can also be grouped as an installation

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Designer: Joan Gaspar
  • Size: 7.28"D x 1.26"H
  • Colour Temperature: 2700K CRI90
  • LED Type: LED SMD 11.7W
  • Light Source: 2040lm
  • Assemble: Yes