Marset Sun Ceiling Light

By Marset

Lamp Type:

Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma of Valencia-based multidisciplinary studio Yonah were inspired by the day dawning along the horizon with their ceiling fixture Sun. A circular lacquered iron case contains the concave polycarbonate diffuser that surrounds the LED light source. Additionally, a second diffuser in blown opal glass is placed off-center. As each of the materials reflects the light differently, the combined effect is a luminous glow much like the moment before sunrise.

  • Designer: Marset × Yonoh
  • Material: Lacquered iron, thermoformed opal methacrylate, opal blown glass
  • Size: Sun 26: 9.5 x 26 cm, Sun 40: 9.5 x 40 cm, Sun 60: 9.5 x 60.3 cm
  • LED Type: Sun 26: LED 12.8W 700mA, Sun 40: LED 25.9W 700mA, Sun 60: LED 33.6W 700mA
  • Colour Temperature: 2700K CRI9
  • Light Source: Sun 26: 1705lm, Sun 40: 3688lm, Sun 60: 5176lm
  • Assemble: Yes