Marset Vetra P Floor Light

By Marset


Shining almost like a hovering spacecraft, Vetra’s LED brilliance comes from its creative engineering. The gorgeous blown-glass dome envisioned by designer Joan Gaspar is actually a ring-shaped glass diffuser with the inner surface encircling the light source and serving as a reflector. Vetra radiates a brighter, glare-free glow than typically expected, with much of the light directed downward and the rest dramatically illuminating the matte-glass shade. And the light level is readily adjustable with a 3-position sensor dimmer.

  • Designer: Joan Gaspar
  • Material: Lacquered aluminum dissipater, blown glass
  • Size: 137.9 x 32 cm, Base: 34 cm
  • LED Type: LED SMD 11.3W 700mA
  • Colour Temperature: 2700K CRI90
  • Light Source: 1066lm
  • Luminaire: 348lm
  • Black electrical cord
  • Assemble: Yes