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Finding its inspiration in the Louvre and moreover, the female idols of the Cycladic culture (a group of islands in the Aegean sea between 3200-2000 BC), the Cyclades Collection consists of a collection of vases in ceramic and glass – a fresh, new take on how to use materials that are often associated with the past. Exhibiting its ancient prowess, while still seeming familiar and modern, the Cyclades Collection acts as a beautiful and contemporary standpoint for all areas of the home, connecting with the user on a more primorDl level.


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Dimension (Small): 4.3"D x 7.9"H
  • Dimension (Large): 5.52"D x 10.2"H
  • Care Instructions: Normal dishwasher liquid can be used. For stains, please use a light soap such as dishwashing soap on a wet cotton cloth. We recommend using a cloth to dry, afterwards. Do not use any cleaners with chemicals or harsh abrasives