Modern Sprout Smart Hydroplanter | Bamboo

By Modern Sprout


Grow an indoor, organic garden all year round with our Hydroplanter. This bamboo hydroponic planter connects to the Modern Sprout App, which enables users to select or create an irrigation schedule based on plant preferences. Features a top-feed setup that delivers water and nutrients directly to the roots of 3-5 plants of your choosing. Stylish and multi-functional, the Hydroplanter is perfect for a wide array of herbs, veggies, fruits, flowers and more.


Bamboo Planter: Features a nesting liner tray for direct planting along with a pump with water level sensor capabilities. Four irrigation tubes are provided for even watering and growstone for easy planting. Nesting liner is sized to grow 4-5 seedlings or seed starters.


  • Hydroponic Grow Medium (x2)
  • Tubing Elbows (x4)
  • Irrigation Tubes (x4)
  • Splitter
  • 1 1/2" Connector Hose
  • Rubber Feet (x4)
  • Water Pump
  • Top Tray
  • Bottom Reservoir
  • Bamboo Planter
  • Smart Wi-Fi Plug

  • Size: 17.9” w x 7.6” h x 5.9” d
  • Smart App Enabled
  • Assembled in the USA