Oakley Flight Deck Matte Black Snow Goggles | Prizm Sapphire

By Oakley


Just like fighter pilots' helmet visors, the Flight Deck Matte Black Snow goggles in Prizm Sapphire maximizes your field of view so you won't miss a single target of opportunity. The wide view makes it easier to spot challenges and dangers because of the peripheral and downward vision. Ridgelock interchangeable lens system lets you adapt to whatever the sky dishes out. Designed with minimized frame mass for comfort. The  discreet frame notches at you temples allow you to wear most prescription glasses. Built in revolutionary Prizm™ lens with decades of color science research, provide unprecedented control of light transmission. Maximize contrast visibility with the Flight Deck snow goggles while looking sleek and stylish.

  • Light Transmission: 13%
  • Light Conditions: SUN_AND_CLOUDS
  • Contrast: Increased
  • Base Lens Color: PRIZM_SNOW_ROSE
  • Model: 0OO7050 70502000