Daqi Concept Desk Lamp Bird

By Daqi Concept


Have you ever thought why we unconsiously touch trees, leaves or flowers when we’re hiking, going on an outing in the woods? "Sense of touch" is the basis of perception and thinking; soothing touch helps us calm and feels secure. DAQICONCEPT BIRD captures your attention with its unique curved shape and organic design. The slightly forward leaning position reminds us of a bird caring for little birds and makes you feel protected while being accompanied by its light.


  • Color temperature: 2700K/Intensity adjustment
  • Dimension: 190 (h) x 105 (w) x 105 (l) mm
  • Weight: 390g
  • Material information: Porcelain bird, wooden base, metal finishes
  • Power: 5V1A (USB plug)
  • Model: BR01IW