RS Barcelona RS 2 Foosball Table

By RS Barcelona


The RS 2 is a high quality design foosball table made by RS Barcelona. The fashionable appearence is created by the designer Rafael Rodriguez and is a reinterpretation of a RS Barcelona cultural classic model. The usage of premium materials makes the table to an eyecatcher in every appartment or office. In search of a high-class outdoor foosball table the perfect product is offered here. Depending on the corpus material the table suits well for either indoor- (steel) or outdoor- (Stainless steel) usage. To have a harmonious general image of the table, a stable leg construction in the same material and paint with plate-feet is mounted at the downside of the corpus. In addition to that, the table convinces due to lovely details like hand-painted aluminium cast or gold figures with arms and alternative one or two legs, as well as noble wooden handles. Not only the design of the table inspires, even the foosball game play conditions in a sense of Spanish point of view thrills the players. The playingfield is HPL-coated, bended to the middle and has seamlessly lifted corners. The manual counting unit is attached behind the goals, next to the cup-holders of the RS 2. RS 2 Gold is one of the first items of the Gold Edition. Enjoy a fun evening with friends and family playing foosball by the pool or in the game room by adding the stylish RS 2 Indoor/Outdoor Football Table to the modern home.

  • Corpus-Material: Stainless steel or steel, polyester-paint
  • Field: HPL
  • Players: Cast aluminium/ Cast aluminium in gold & silver chrome plating
  • 24k gold plated details: The score counter, ball bearing, screws and other small pieces
  • Handles: Wood with polyester paint
  • Seamlessly lifted corners
  • Manual scoring units
  • Cup-holders
  • Tough leg-construction with plate-feet
  • Dimensions: 63 x 53 x 22 in
  • Assembly: Required

Steel is recommended for indoor use.

Stainless steel is recommended for outdoor use.